Ønskedanse / Årsdanse

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Senorita AB
Dancing with my eyes closed EZ
I freaking love you

Mulige kommende danse
Hey now
Pony time
Tan shoes
One two step away
I'd tap that
I'll be there for you
A cold beer
The ballet girl
Little heartbreaker
Driving in my car
Here you come again
My only desire
We never knew love
If you believe
Glass of wine


Begynder: Absolut beginner / Beginner
Begynder+: High beginner / Improver
Letøvet: Improver / High improver / Easy intermediate



Årsdanse 2023/2024
Always will - Beginner
Natural - Beginner
I still fall for you - Beginner
Scootin' bootin' - Letøvet
My next sad song - Letøvet
Ghosted - Intermediate

Årsdanse 2022/2023
Mighty fine - Beginner
Bottom of the bottle - Beginner
Love grows - Beginner
Storm and stone - Improver
Make it - Improver
Knock off - Intermediate

Årsdanse 2021/2022
Float ya' boat - Beginner
Sunset road - Beginner
Bad habits leads to you - Beginner
Corn - Improver
Do it all again - Improver
Train wreck - Easy intermediate

Årsdanse 2020/2021
Country boy lovin'  - Beginner
For the longest time - Beginner
There is a light  - Beginner
Vaya con dios
- Easy intermediate
If you need me - Easy intermediate
Southern dreams - Easy intermediate

Årsdanse 2019/2020
Train swing - Beginner
Bonaparte´retreat - Beginner
The little farmer - Beginner
Backroad nation - Easy intermediate
Lonely blues - Easy intermediate
Thorn in my side - Easy intermediate

Årsdanse 2018/2019
One hundred - Easy intermediate
Get it right - Easy intermediate
I close my eyes - Beginner
Love flow - Beginner
Why did it have to be me - Beginner

Årsdanse 2017/2018
Lonely drum - Easy intermediate
Every time she walks by - Easy intermediate
1159 - Beginner

Early in the morning - Beginner
The most beautiful girl - Beginner

Årsdanse 2016/2017
Gypsy queen - Easy intermediate
Your heaven - Easy intermediate
Doing alright today - Beginner
Drinking with Dolly - Beginner
Love like before - Beginner

Årsdanse 2015/2016
Far from the charts - Easy intermediate
Tell the world - Easy intermediate
Ticket to the blues - Beginner
We'll be allright - Beginner
It feels like rock'n roll - Beginner

Årsdanse 2014/2015
Carters rock - Easy intermediate
The boat to Liverpool - Easy intermediate
Fall in love - Beginner
K-I-S-S - Beginner
Such a fool - Beginner

Årsdanse 2013/2014
My first love - Easy intermediate
You got away - Easy intermediate
Hurry up, slow down - Beginner
Mama loo - Beginner
Sweet Maureen - Beginner

Årsdanse 2012/2013
Rock paper scissors - Easy intermediate
Whiskeys gone - Easy intermediate
Anybody looking for a fool - Beginner
Stick like glue - Beginner
Write your number - Beginner

Årsdanse 2011/2012
The flute - Easy intermediate
Walk down town - Easy intermediate
All you need - Beginner
Country cupid - Beginner
Good day to run - Easy intermediate

Årsdanse 2010/2011
Askin' questions - Easy intermediate
Rhyme or reason - Easy intermediate
Everybody swing - Beginner
Homeward bound - Beginner
People are crazy - Beginner

Årsdanse 2009/2010
Go mama go - Easy intermediate
Mojo rhythm - Easy intermediate
Boys will be boys - Beginner
Toes - Beginner
T'morrow never knows - Beginner